New boy group Magic1+1 introduced to the media

J-Star general manager Sun De-Rong (孫德榮) helped popularized idol groups like 5566 and 183 Club in the past. In what possibly could be the last straw of his career, Sun introduced the new boy group Magic1+1 (魔幻1+1) to the press on December 10th.

Magic1+1 is comprised of three magicians with the average age of 21. Members Xiao-Kai (小凱), Guan-Da (冠達) and Brian signed a six-year contract with J-Star. After coming together as a group 18 months ago, they have been staying at the company's lounge room and practicing diligently. Not only they can sing and dance, they have also incorporate a full set of magic tricks during their performances. The member have been rehearsing their debut single "Eyes Wide Open" (大開眼界) for the past 5 months; they will demonstrate how to sing and dance while performing magic tricks at the same time.

Due to their busy schedules, leader Guan-Da has transferred from National Taiwan Ocean University to Southeast University of Technology. His magic skills have garnered the admiration of both teachers and students. Member Brian was revealed to have "magic skills" for quickly taking off his girlfriend's bra. While 17 year-old member Xiao-Kai said that he has received confessions from 3 guys in the past. However, he stressed that he likes girls, "I want to lose my virginity, but opportunity hasn't come yet."

Member Xiao-Kai (on-the-right) joins the "Virgin Prince" Jing Wong in the quest to "get lucky"...

During the press conference, Sun expressed his dismay at the lack of reporters that showed up. He complained saying, "This reminds me of the time when 5566 released their debut album. If there are no newcomers, how would we have veterans? It only inspires us to do even better when everyone is so unwilling to pay attention to newcomers."

With a debut so late in 2009, Sun was asked if it they did it in order to make quick money by snatching some year-end gigs (referring to common paid-performances at year-end banquets for companies in Taiwan.) He answered, "We can get them, but only one gig per day at the most. How is that making quick money?" They have so many props that they even require a company truck to transport them. Due to the cost and time for stage setup, they will focus on performing at casinos in the future.

News Source: Liberty times, Chinatimes
Translations: PA

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