New boy group Magic 1+1 Mixes Song and Dance with…Magic?!

New boy group Magic 1+1 will release their debut EP on December 11th featuring three songs. The disc comes with a DVD and also three props for performing magic tricks!

J-Star entertainment, who also manages 5566, K-one, 183 Club and actor Ming-Dao, has been struggling in recent years with competition from a new wave Taiwanese boy bands like Fahrenheit and Lollipop. They hope to regain their position in the idol group market by presenting something different to the audience.

The three members Xiao-Kai (小凱), Guan-Da (冠達) and Brian of Magic 1+1 have been training over the past year to merge song and dance with magic. They wowed the audience with their performance at the J-Star Chinese New year banquet earlier this year. After a long delay, Magic 1+1 will finally release their debut album this month (mid-January in Mainland China).

Check out their “eyes wide open" magic show MV here:

Credits: Sanli TV,, Baidu Tiebar, love5566tony
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