New boy group AK declares their entry in the battle of idol groups

Following the footsteps of Fahrenheit and Lollipop, new boy group AK will make their entry into the battle of the idol groups on December 4th with members Andy Chen and Kris Shen. The group’s name is compiled of their first initials, and it also represents the aces in a deck of cards, hoping that it will foreshadow their success to being the king of all idol groups.

The making of AK has taken over 6 six years with full of twists and turns. Their manager Ben explains, “We have wanted to put them together in a group 6 years ago. They even took promotional photos together. But Andy Chen has just come back from Canada at the time, and he also had a verbal agreement with Lee Ya-Ming, so our plan was canceled. Surprisingly, Andy’s contract ended back in March and signed on with Bravo Entertainment. Kris Shen also finished his contract with Dorian in November and joined us as well!! The dream that started 6 years ago can finally be fulfilled 6 years later!!”

The two members have been working hard over the past half year for their new group. Andy Chen originally debuted in a band and is familiar with playing multiple instruments, while Kris Shen’s expertise is in dancing. In order to add new sparks to AK, Andy has been taking dancing lesions and Kris is learning to play the piano. After half a year of hard work, AK will present an idol group that can dance and play in a band.

AK is already gaining attention before their official debut, with offers from record companies and advertisers in Korea, Japan, Singapore/Malaysia, and Thailand. According to their manager Ben, they have confirmed 2 commercials in Thailand and Korea so far, making about 4 million TWD. They will begin to shoot in March of next year and will release their debut album around the same time. To give fans a preview of their hard work, AK will perform in 3 New Year countdown shows this year in Tao Yuan, Tai-chung, and Kaohsiung.

Source: Liberty Times
Translations: fufu's PA

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