Mon Mon Tsai’s new song doesn’t “want to be quiet”!

Taiwanese singer Mon Mon Tsai (real name: Cai Meng Zhen 蔡孟臻) looks to make a splash with her latest album titled “Dream Girl” just short of the new year on December 28. Despite being under legendary music label Avex’s Taiwan subsidiary, the pop singer has yet to become a household name that former labelmates Show Luo and Cyndi Wang have already achieved.

The pop singer hopes to change all that with new single titled “Don’t Be Quiet”, a mellow song with a light rock sound, poignant electrical guitar strumming, and clashing drum beats thrown in for good measure. While the singer has previously geared for a more pop sound in previous outings, Mon Mon might be experimenting with a more alternative rock and pop hybrid with her latest sound. We’ll find out soon enough when her new album is released, but from what’s out already, it’s sounding pretty good.

Check out a preview of her song off of Taiwan’s Hit Radio, courtesy of the awesome kay20xx!

Mon Mon Tsai's "Don't Be Quiet" (Radio Preview):

Source: kay20xx

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