Mon Mon Tsai releases rockin’ new MV for “Don’t Be Quiet”!

Shortly after a full-length preview was released on the air waves through Taiwan's famed Hit FM, the Taiwanese multi-genre singer Mon Mon Tsai has finally released her latest MV for “Don’t Be Quiet”, the debut song off her sophomore album “我們都一樣” (trans: We’re All the Same). The latest MV has the female singer playing the role of a photographer, with what appears to be a more than simple relationship with a male rock singer that she’s covering. The plot doesn’t attempt to innovate how MV storytelling goes, but it’s an interesting one with emotions conveyed quite fittingly by the song.

With the release of Mon Mon’s latest track, we are treated to yet another addition to the recent trend of female-driven Mandorock songs. Recent rock songs by rookie Taiwanese-American artists Elisa Lin and Cindy Yen, as well as new rock song contributions by Won Fu and F.I.R, have already been released within the past two months, so Mon Mon is far from the being the first female singer this part of the year to release a new Mandorock tune. But with a song showcasing a powerful female rock sound such as “Don’t Be Quiet”, it doesn’t really matter one bit.

Check on Mon Mon’s latest MV yourself below and see what all the fuss is about, courtesy of the wonderful mengsion. And much love to awesome remixer Yigytugd for digging this song (don’t forget to support his awesome musical creations!).

Mon Mon Tsai’s “Don’t Be Quiet” MV:

Source: mengsion

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