Million Star: Zuo-Kang vs Zhang-Yuan

Starting last week, the initial four teams that were led by Kang Kang, Zuo An An, Zhang Yu, and Yuan Wei Ren were merged into two.  Zuo-Kang team and Zhang-Yuan team went head to head in one on one competition. Throughout the episode, Zuo-Kang’s team members were under performing where they fell behind Zhang-Yuan’s team in points. Luckily, Zuo-Kang used their trump cards near the end of part 1 of the competition and gained just enough points to tie with Zhang-Yuan’s team, where Zuo-Kang win it in the over-time 30 seconds battle. Zhang-Yuan team had to eliminate two members in part 1, but they quickly redeemed themselves in part two, where they won by a landslide. Kang Kang, whose team has been having a winning streak since the beginning, finally had some members eliminated.

The team versus team format definitely showed some pros and cons in this round of competition. While it is an interesting format, it is also apparent that some people who should be eliminated are still not because of being on a winning team. Without a doubt, we are already seeing flashes of brilliance in some potential members, but then again, there is a big drop in talent between every other contestant.

As reported previously, Zhang Yu announced his departure on the show. Host Tao Zi hopes to see Zhang Yu back on the show soon as judge or special guest.

Huang Yu Shan decided to take a risk and performed, “Time to Say Goodbye.”

Zhang-Yu’s trump card, Du Hua Jin performed, “不自由” (No freedom) but it was not enough to win over Zuo-Kang’s Hu Xia.

Zuo-Kang’s Hu Xia performed, “離歌” (Parting Song) and gained the necessary points for the team to win in part 1.

Bian Pin Xian gave Zuo-Kang’s final performance in part two with “剪愛”

Su Zhi Yu ended Zhang-Yuan’s competition with a high score of 19 points performing, “聽說愛情回來過” (I heard that love returned before)

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