Million Star: Kang Kang's team wins by a nose!

The winning teams of round 2 went head to head this week. Kang Kang and Chang Yu, the leaders of the teams, employed different strategies and it was definitely an exciting battle. Although Kang Kang started off with a slight lead after the first battle, Chang Yu’s team quickly caught up and began pulling themselves further ahead of Kang Kang’s team. Chang Yu’s pair teams were clearly stronger than Kang Kang’s as they had nearly a 7-point lead. However, Kang Kang turned the tables around in the later solo battles. Chang Yu, who thought that they would win, in the end, eliminated two contestants. Kang Kang’s team ended with an average of 15.9 points while Chang Yu’s team had 14.8. Here were some highlights.

Lu Qi, cousin of Afalean Lu, performed Stanley Huang’s hit, “音浪” (Sound Wave). Lu Qi got the crowd on their feet but Judge Wu Qi Xian commented, “You are the best dancer I’ve seen in singing competition shows from Mainland and Taiwan thus far, but your rhythm is horrible!”

Chang Yu arranged his strongest singers in a pair. Wu Si Yao and Su Zhi Yu sang Eason Chan’s “愛是懷疑” (Love is doubt) together. Judges were split in opinions about their high note, but they received high scores nonetheless. Judge Kay Huang commented, “That ‘Ai~’ (love) was like a special effect. Wu Si Yao, your voice is too strong, but I look forward to seeing your improvements.”

Fang Lin was last up for Kang Kang’s team. Knowing that Fang Lin was from Brazil, the judges were more lenient on her Mandarin pronunciations. Judges praised her ability to project her emotions in the song, thus, she successfully helped Kang Kang’s team win victory with a high score of 21 points (out of 25).

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