Mike He celebrates 26th birthday with 300 fans

2009 has been a rough year for actor Mike He. He celebrated his 26th birthday with 300 oversea fans on December 27th, and comforted himself by saying, “Everything bad happened this year, but the best is saved for last. Next year will definitely be better!” He thanked the fans for making him feel that he “still exists”. Mike He was overcome with emotions and cried.

Although Mike He is already the idol of many, he doesn't hesitate from mentioning his own idols Andy Lau and Ekin Cheng. His fans even got Andy Lau to write him a birthday greeting and a signed poster by Ekin Cheng as presents. Mike He was thrilled and said, “They (referring to Lau and Cheng) must have thought that I'm annoying, making them do this every year.”

Mike He displays his manliness by dancing to "Nobody". Photo by: 鄭孟晃攝

In fact, Mike He fulfilled his dream last year when he co-starred with Andy Lau in the new movie “Future X-cops”. Andy Lau left him a memorable impression with his generosity as a mentor. When they shot a scene of descending from a skyscraper, Andy Lau quickly taught him the details of working with wires. Mike He said, “The staff was taking apart his equipment. Half of his pants were removed already with his underpants showing. He wasn't embarrassed at all, and explained (the process) to me seriously.”

Man in tights

The two drama series that Mike He worked on last year still have yet to air. His popularity in Taiwan has dropped sharply behind Ethan Ruan and Mark Zhao. He is saddened by this but he hopes next year will be better. Understandably, his birthday wish was "hoping that all his dramas will be released.” Mike He will travel to the Mainland next month and shoot the new movie “You Deserve to be Single” with Ruby Lin.

Future X-cops tease:

Source: Appledaily TW, Chinatimes, 2009seemovie

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