Men’s Uno interviews Eddie Peng for their December issue

The movie ‘Hear Me” starring Eddie Peng made over NT$10 million at the box office. It became the most talked about Taiwanese movie since the massive hit ‘Cape No. 7’. Eddie Peng plays the role of Tian-Kuo, a character with an optimistic personality that strongly resembles his own in real-life. He said, “Of course I'm not as optimistic as Tian-Kuo! There are many sides to one's personality. Mine is pretty easy-going, along with the typical curiosity of an Aries. It's easy for me to mix with people.”

Ever since he began acting, Eddie Peng has left the audience with the impression of a sunshine boy. In fact, he has already played a wide range of roles through film and television, including a psycho, a bad boy, and a surfer who waits around for waves. When asked what kind of role he wants to try next, he replied, “It should be something like ‘Pulp Fiction’, a killer caught in a battle of wits!” Most people probably won't find this answer very surprising. However, to be honest, there has never been a killer with such round eyes, round nose, and cuteness.

Eddie Peng said there is a big difference between working in film and television. A drama series can take 12 hours to present a character's personality. On the other hand, a film has to tell the story of someone's life in 2 hours. A lot of preparation is required before filming starts. Eddie Peng prepares by writing a biography for the role that he plays. He said acting in a film is like taking an exam in school. It takes an entire semester to prepare for one final exam at the end.

After finishing the movie ‘Hear Me’, Eddie Peng felt that he is a very fortunate person. His family thought he did something very meaningful after watching the movie. Eddie Peng said, “This movie means a lot to me. In addition to learning sign language, it taught me to be considerate of others. I feel that I have a lot already, and I should give more to the society. Although I'm limited to what I can do, I'm still happy to be able to contribute. After completing this movie, my state of mind became a lot calmer.” The last interview with Eddie Peng took place a year ago for promoting the idol drama ‘Honey & Clover’. His smile and humor remain the same, but his gaze now shows a sense of drama, maturity, and something different.

This in an excerpt from Men’s Uno Taiwan (No. 124)
“Eddie Peng, sunshine boy. You are my sunshine.”
[Writer: Aura, Executive: Tingsily, Photography: Tommy]

Source: UDN, Men’s Uno TW
Translations: PA

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