Mayday Helps out on Xiao Gui’s New Single “Screwed Up”

Famed 100% Entertainment variety show co-host Xiao Gui 小鬼 (English name: Alien Huang, real name Huang Hong Sheng 黃鴻昇), whom moonlights as a rocker on occasion, will release his first solo rock ‘n roll album titled “Love & Hero” on December 18. Taiwanese rock band kings Mayday’s Ah Shin and Monster got in on the action by helping Xiao Gui produce one of his songs for the upcoming song “Screwed Up”. After completing the song with the Mayday band members, Xiao Gui headed off to the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung to participate and celebrate in the album release party.

Calling to mind about working with the rock idols throughout the production of the single, Xiao Gui couldn’t help it and nervously stated, “I don’t know why I would nervously gallop off to the restroom and have nightmares!” When Xiao Gui originally found out that he would be collaborating with legendary Mayday members Monster and Ah Shin, the variety show gagman/rocker happily exclaimed, “Are you serious?! I can collaborate with Mayday’s Monster and Ah Shin?! They’re willing to help me compose? No crap!”

Xiao Gui was a nervous wreck the night before they were supposed to collaborate on the song. As they were recording in the studio, Xiao Gui felt that the Mayday bandmates weren’t satisfied with the production so far, so he would make frequent trips to the restroom in response. Throughout the process, Monster would resemble the big brother figure for Xiao Gui to comfort his nervousness.

When Monster saw Xiao Gui lacking spirit and being responseless, Monster joked, “What a mess! This really is going to get ‘screwed up’!” Xiao Gui didn’t think that he would hear Monster say that, so he came back to life and started working hard to complete production of the single. Surprised at Xiao Gui’s change, Monster expressed amazement and nodded in satisfaction.

Check out a fan-made cam of Xiao Gui's performance of "Screwed Up" below and see if he does justice to Mayday!


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