Mark Zhao and Ethan Ruan share a kiss on TV

Although the highly anticipated movie ‘Monga’ (艋舺) won't hit theaters until next February, its lead actors Mark Zhao and Ethan Ruan are already doing everything they can to get the word out.....that even includes kissing each other on TV! The two stars, along with director Niu Cheng-Ze (鈕承澤) and co-star Rhydian Vaughan (from the movie ‘Winds of September'), visited “Kang Xi Lai Le” to promote the upcoming movie.

"~~A kiss is just a kiss…"

Host Cai Kang-Yong offered to broadcast the ‘Monga’ trailer in its entirety if Mark Zhao and Ethan Ruan kiss each on TV. It looked like the offer was too good to refuse, as they leaned over and never looked back. Ethan Ruan had this to say about the kiss, “His lips completely wrapped around mine, so there was no special feeling.”

Xiao S sees her target again.

After a short hiatus, Mark Zhao returns to the screen in ‘Monga’ as a gang member along side Ethan Ruan and Rhydian Vaughan. He said that the character is quite different from him, as he rarely swears or fights in real-life. Host Xiao S asked him to teach her on how to be bad, he replied, “It's an attitude!” Xiao S responded by asking, “What kind of attitude?” She went over to him and danced around him like he is a human pole.

Mark Zhao and Ethan Yuan took off their flip-flops before showing off some man-to-man moves.

Mark Zhao has taken some heat after his surprise win over Vic Zhou at the Golden Bell awards for his breakthrough role in ‘Black & White’. Ethan Ruan was asked if he worries that history would repeat itself again (and lose to Zhao if they both get nominated). He answered, “I will act for 20 years. If he wins next year, I still have plenty of chances left, so I don't mind that.”

‘Monga’ movie poster

Official trailer

Source: Chinatimes, UDN, Nownews,
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