Mark Chao won’t share the same stage as Open-chan

Who is Mark Chao most afraid of to be on the same stage with?  It’s not father Zhao Shu Hai or rumored girlfriend, Janine Chang.  It is Open-chan, the big round headed mascot!  On December 31st, Mark will be attending Kaohsiung’s countdown concert.  Since the concert is sponsored by Dream Mall, its mascot, Open-chan and family will first sing a song.  But because Mark is the spokesperson for Family Mart’s coffee, he requested, “I cannot appear at the same time as Open-chan.”  Kaohsiung countdown’s organizer Chen Gong Ru replied, “The design of the show is to have separate parts anyway.”

Mark has been the hottest dark horse of the year and has also become a popular star for countdown concerts.  Kaohsiung will be his first stop, where he will sing “無賴正義” (Rogue Justice) with Color and “痞子英雄” (Black and White) with Jason Tsou.  Once he finishes his performance, he will take the subway to attend CTV’s New Year show at Taoyuan.  These two stops will earn him approximately NT$2 million.

Mark purposely put CTV’s show as his last stop to count down to the New Year with the audience because Jason Tsou is currently filming CTV’s “閃亮的日子” (Bling Days).  To show his support to Jason, he personally requested to perform together with Jason.  Mark’s father, Zhao Shu Hai, will also be on CTV’s New Year show, which he will be doing the opening with Wang Mon Ling.  Father and son will be on the same show, but won’t be sharing the same stage.

Previously, Mark was said to be more popular than Wang Leehom, but Mark expresses joy in hearing that Wang Leehom would also be appearing on the CTV Taoyuan New Year show, “To be able to be on the same stage as Wang Leehom, I’m even more excited than having my father there.” 

Source: Chinatimes

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