Magic Power get out their hip-hop/rock energy with latest “Get Out” MV

It’s been awhile since we last seen Taiwanese hip-hop/rock outfit Magic Power on the MV front, with their last notable appearance being guest artists in Della (Ding Dang)’s cheerful MV “He Says You're Useless” almost two months ago, but the six-member crew is back with their rap-rock anthem “Get Out”. The band, which consists of vocalists 嘎嘎 GaGa and 廷廷 TingTing, guitarist 雷堡 LeiBao, bass 凱開 KaiKai, drummer 阿翔 AhXiang, and resident DJ 鼓鼓 GuGu, this time produce an MV on their own merit, showcasing their hardcore style that was barely hinted in their last outing with Della’s light-hearted tune.

The song itself is a testament to the work of Los Angeles-based Korean producer Jae Chong, who while molded his skills in the Korean music industry by laying down the beats for early works of Korean superstars BoA, Uhm Jung Hwa and J, is better known for producing hits for Taiwanese superstars such as Elva Hsiao, Jolin Tsai, and Van Ness Wu.

It’s been awhile since Mandopop got its dose of hip-hop/rock, a trend that has its roots in American music from the late 90s and early 2000s but isn’t as prevalent nowadays. Judging from this slick MV and the contributions from the band’s six members in the song, Magic Power is serious in being at the forefront of the trend’s comeback. But can Mandohip-hop/rock band Magic Power bring success to a Korean-produced piece and re-ignite a once-highly popular American music trend onto the shores of Taiwan and beyond? Only the Taiwanese music charts can tell us that.

Rock out to Magic Power’s latest MV, courtesy of blump3music!

Magic Power’s “Get Out” MV:

Source: blump3music

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