[Video] Magic 1+1 = 3?! The group wowed Xiao S and Cai Kang Yong on Kangxi

Just a few days ago, Magic 1+1 appeared on an episode of Kang Xi Lai Le. Curious like everyone, host Cai Kang Yong asked what does “Magic 1+1” mean, and Xiao S immediately answered without thinking, “3!” Guan Da confirmed that 1+1 does equal to 3 in the world of magic. Although the joke was lame, Guan Da definitely surprised everyone with his magic tricks.

Magic 1+1 performed their latest single, “Eyes Wide Open.” They lipsynced, but filled the 50 seconds performance with a load of magic tricks. Xiao S asked in the end, “What happens if you guys have to perform the entire song? Wouldn’t that make you very busy?” General manager, Sun De Rong, replied, “Yes, magic would be performed throughout the entire song. They even have magic tricks where they make a girl disappear! It’s actually quite expensive to have them perform the song all the way through because we would have to carry / deliver all the props to the performing site.”

Watch Guan Da's magic tricks!

Watch Magic 1+1 perform "Eyes Wide Open"

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