Lollipop’s Owodog cross-dresses and offers a kiss to Prince

Taiwanese pop group Lollipop held a concert in Guang Zhou, China on Dec. 12th. While member Prince (王子) performed his solo song “Sorry”, a blonde “hottie”, dressed in a white chiffon dress with red heels, walked up on stage and danced with him. Sharp-eyed fans quickly recognized that this “lady” was impersonated by fellow member Owodog. He said afterwards with a big laugh, “I was really serious (about the performance)! In addition to shaving my legs, I practiced walking on heels everyday.”

Owodog explained that the song requires a girl in the performance. They feared fans might become jealous while watching another girl on stage, so they decided to pick a scapegoat within the group. Owodog was named the best candidate for cross-dressing because, at 178cm, he only weighs 62 kg and also has a pair of slim calves. However, their stylist had to order a new dress as he tore it during the first fitting.

Owodog completed the cross-dressing act with professionalism by shaving his legs and wearing a pair of silk stockings. When asked if he shaved his underarms, he answered, “No I didn’t shave off my armpit hair! That would be really weird!” The performance was topped off with a kissing scene, he quickly denied, “We just looked like we did. There is no way we kissed!”

Prince singing a duet with "King Kong Barbie."

Prince and his princess stare at each other…

…Isn’t it weirder to wear a sleeveless dress without shaving your armpits?

Source: Appledaily TW (report), (pics)
Translations: PA

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