A Light-Hearted Debut Melody off Singaporean Bryan Chan’s Latest MV!

With the recent comeback of veteran Singaporean singer JJ Lin in the Mandopop scene, it looks like another male Singaporean singer is throwing his hat in the ring with the release of Singaporean actor/singer Bryan Chan’s new album earlier this month. Bryan, who’s currently dividing his singing time with his duties as one of the five judges for Taiwan’s hit singing competition show Super Idol, is taking advantage of his growing fame on that show to promote his musical material.

With his new album titled ”為你寫一首幸福的歌 Wei Ni Xie Yi Shou Xing Fu De Ge” (trans: I Wrote This Song of Happiness for You) already making waves, the Singaporean entertainer released a new MV for the debut song of that album sharing the same name. The MV of the debut song is a light melody that provides easy-listening, and features a montage of cheerful friends and family that matches the song’s tone.

Bryan takes the safe route of releasing a song that breaks no ground with a song that’s bound to be a radio-friendly hit, but if your only concern is to have an easy-going tune to brighten up your day, you can’t go wrong with Bryan’s latest musical piece.

Check out Bryan Chan’s latest MV below, courtesy of againgt!

Bryan Chan's 為你寫一首幸福的歌 MV:

Source: againgt

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