Li Wei-Lian loves luxury watches but refuses to give his girlfriend a ring

Li Wei-Lian (Leon Jay Williams) has been with his girlfriend Joyce for almost five years, but he has never given her a ring. He said candidly about being persistent on this issue, “Giving a ring is a big matter. It is a tradition. I can give her my house and car, but the ring should wait till we get married.” It hasn’t been easy to maintain their long-distance relationship over the last five years. In addition to frequent phone calls, Li Wei-Lian never hesitates to admit openly that he has a girlfriend, giving Joyce peace of mind.

Earlier in June, he was spotted in the Hong Kong airport with a long-hair beauty. He immediately refuted rumours that he was cheating, and revealed that the lady was indeed his girlfriend Joyce. She was travelling with him for a charity event in Mainland China.

Li Wei-Lian has been successful in expanding his career in the Mainland market over recent years. His movie “Almost Perfect” (十全九美) made almost 300 million RMB. Stephen Chow approved immediately when Li was cast to replace Edison Chen in the movie “Jump” after his infamous scandal. Li Wei-Lian began reshooting scenes with lead actress Zhang Yu-Qi right after the production got underway, he laughed and said, “It felt like I was kissing her everyday.”

The Hong Kong version of “My Sassy Girl” has also cast him as the lead, opposite Aaron Kwok’s rumoured-girlfriend Lynn Xiong. At 178cm, she is only 2cm shorter then him. Li Wei-Lian shook his head and said, “I’m used to working with tall girls. Zhang Yu-Qi is over 170 as well. When she wears heels, the height is perfect for kissing.”

Many are curious when he will marry his girlfriend Joyce. Li Wei-Lian said that his brother is already married and has his own children, so his family is not rushing him. After working in the business for many years, he has finally achieved success in both the big and small screens. He said now is the time for his career, so marriage will have to wait. He complimented that Joyce is not a vain person, and her favourite gift is a card that he made for her by hand. She accompanied him through the years when his career hit rock bottom.

Li Wei-Lian dressed in Prada and wore a Cartier watch for this photo shoot. His eyes lit up when he saw the luxury watch, and explained that he also enjoys buying watches himself. His collection ranges from a couple hundreds dollars to around NT $100,000. Cartier prepared a Rose Gold Automatic Chronograph watch that worth NT $690, 000 on the day of the shoot. When Li heard about the price, he stuck his tongue out at said, “No wonder it’s so pretty. I can feel the weight when I wear it.”

News source: UDN news
Translations: PA

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