Leehom Wang remakes Teresa Teng’s classic “I Smile When I see you”

Leehom Wang (with Taipei mayor Hau Lung-Pin) changes up “check it out YO!” with “Love Taipei” (YO!)…

Singer Leehom Wang was invited by the city of Taipei to be their goodwill ambassador at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. He presented the audience with a rap version of the classic song “I Smile when I See You” by the late Teresa Teng (鄧麗君). Leehom Wang said that he chose the song because it matches the theme of the Taipei gallery (at the expo), which is “The Power of Smile”. Additionally, he felt that Teresa Teng is the most influential singer in Chinese-speaking regions.

As the goodwill ambassador, Leehom Wang volunteered to produce the theme song “I Smile When I See You”. He also participated in the promotional film, in which it combined video with lyrics to show Taipei’s famous features such as beef noodle, fireworks at the Taipei 101, the night market, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and more. Leehom Wang also tasted grilled squid and sausage in the clip for added Taiwanese flavor.

Leehom Wang revealed that the most difficult part of remaking “I Smile When I See You” was extracting Teresa Teng’s original track. He used new technologies to extract her voice from vinyl records, as there was no master tape available. After mixing was completed, the new track is twice as fast as the original, giving it a completely different feel.

The theme of next year’s Shanghai World Expo is “Better City, Better life”. Taipei mayor Hau Lung-Pin explained that the Taipei Gallery will feature the city’s WiFi access and recycling system. He hopes people in Taipei will greet each other with the “Love Taipei” hand gesture (sticking out thumb and index finger) beginning next year. Leehom Wang also confirmed that he will perform “I Smile When I See You” at the Taipei New Year countdown concert, and teach everyone the hand gesture along side mayor Hau.

Preview of “I Smile When I See You”

Source: Awakening News, bv2dp
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