Korea and Japan face off on Super Idol

The atmosphere suddenly turns heavy as contestants have to prepare for eliminations. As reported in my previous recap, 19 contestants will be eliminated after round 2 (which is being broadcasted in a span of 2 weeks – thus, 2 parts). Super Idol decides to pair like with like to compete against each other…for better or for worse. The talent between competing contestants is well matched, making it hard for judges to decide which one to keep. Nonetheless, even if a talented contestant is eliminated due to his/her competitor happens to be just as good, the judges have 5 wildcards to save some of these potential talents.

The two most popular contestants since Super Idol 4 has begun are Zhu Zhong Xiang of Japan and Jin Shi Ji of Korea. Zhu Zhong Xiang, who has only been in Taiwan for 8 months, performs Tanya Chua’s “Beautiful Love,” while Jin Shi Ji performs Gary Cao’s “Betrayal.” Judges praise both contestants for their efforts in picking Mandarin songs instead of songs in their own native language. Jin Shi Ji wins the majority of the votes (4 vs. 1) and moves on to become best 30. Zhu Zhong Xiang will have to sit and wait in the “losers’ corner” to see if he will have a chance to come back.

Watch Zhu Zhong Xiang perform "Beautiful Love"

Watch Jin Shi Ji perform Gary Cao's "Betrayal"

Past Super Idol contestants were paired together. Before the battle, the show revealed that Liu Jia Lin participated in producing original scores for Golden Horse Awards Best Picture, “不能沒有你” (No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti). His musical talent surely showed through as he won over the judges by singing Jay Chou’s “黑色幽默” (Black Humor). Although judges commented that You-Zhi Boys sang quite well with near perfect harmony, they needed to wait in the “losers’ corner.”

Watch Liu Jia Lin perform "Black Humor"

Watch You-Zhi Boys perform "小情歌" (Little Love Song, Sodagreen)

Mr. Nice guy, Zhao Tai Xiang of Myanmar, appeared on stage with a brand new look. Doing everything that Huang Guo Lun previously advised him, he dyed his hair blonde, grew a mustache, and changed his clothing style in hope to become a “bad boy.” The bad boy reassured the judges that although his appearance is brand new, his singing style remains retro. He performed one of Jacky Cheung’s golden classic from 1993, “吻別” (Goodbye Kiss).

Watch Zhao Tai Xiang perform "吻別" (Goodbye Kiss)

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