Jolin learns French while vacationing in Montreal

Jolin returns to student life in Montreal.

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) ended her vacation early to return to work in Taiwan. Her first scheduled appearance will be an event in Beijing on the 20th of this month, in which Jay Chou also plans to attend. Therefore it might be possible for the “2 J’s” to share the same stage again!

Jolin took French lessons during her vacation in Montreal, Canada. While she was there, she stayed at a small hotel and returned to the life of being an ordinary student. The 40-day vacation, including airfare, accommodations, and classes, cost about NT 200, 000 in total.
When asked if she has any interesting encounters with men? Jolin answered sadly, “No, but many people asked me for directions. There were Japanese, French, Korean, American, and they were all elderly men or women.” Whenever someone recognized her, Jolin would deny that it was her and make up a lie by saying, “Many people say I look like her, but I'm really not Jolin!”
News source: Liberty Times
Translations: PA

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