Joe Cheng Goes on Secret Date with Mystery Lady

Taiwanese entertainer Joe Cheng was recently caught awhile back traveling together with a lady friend that looked to be around thirty-five years old, someone with long wavy black and a complexion similar to that of Taiwanese actress Janine Chang and Chinese model/actress Coco Jiang. The appearance of the both of them attracted a crowd of people speculating who they were, and it wasn’t until Joe took off his face mask at a movie theater did movie audiences discover that it was the famed Taiwanese idol actor.

Joe was also seen with his mask on while helping his female companion getting drinks before intimately entering the movie showing. Reporters discovered that shortly after the movie, the couple dispersed from the crowd prior to escaping from the movie theater, only to find a contingent of reporters taking pictures of them. As Joe’s mature lady friend slowed down the pace, Joe deliberately tried to maintain their distance from the reporters. Asked if his companion was a friend, Joe yelled “Yes!” before flagging down a taxi.

When pressed by reporters asking about the two’s relationship, Joe’s mature lady friend responded, “Could you not ask that? We’re just appreciating each other’s friendship, okay?”, before they both sped off in the taxi.

The day before yesterday, Joe stated, “She isn’t someone from my inner circle, but a good friend whom I’ve known for quite some time.” When pressed if it would blossom into a relationship, he responded, “The future’s hard to tell.” Joe said that he hasn’t fallen in love since he debuted six years ago, and that he just wants to let fate decide.

The both of them went to see “Twilight: New Moon” that evening, a fantasy romance movie revolving around vampires and werewolves. When asked by reporters if he would choose to be a vampire or werewolf, Joe replied, “I’m fine with being a normal human being.”


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