JJ Lin’s releases new MV for “Jia You” single!

It’s been a great week for JJ Lin fans this week. Not only did JJ release album lucky number seven exactly fourteen months after his 2008 album “Sixology”, but he also treated his fans to the release of a new MV to his second song “Jia You” shortly after. Unlike his previous orchestrated ballad single from the same album, “Jia You” incorporates a more R&B vibe with soft synths, a soothing piano accompaniment, and light drum beats. Throw in cameo rapping by hip-hop artist MC HotDog, and you have yourself pure audio bliss.

For the new MV, JJ once again gets to demonstrate both his acting prowess and smooth dance moves that has served him well in previous MVs. This time, JJ plays the part of an unassuming gas station attendant that spends his off-days at a coffeehouse, usually browsing his Facebook page on his Mac. While on the surface it may seem like a strange plot device, it works well as it fits nicely with his interactions of the other characters in the story.

Not only do we have an MV that provides an entertaining and unique story, but we are treated with a wonderful “soundtrack” that accompanies the unfolding plot. How awesome is that?

Seriously, it’s a good time to be a JJ fan.

Don’t miss out on the new MV by watching it in all its glory below! Thanks to urasiansourceCpop and TaiwanMV as usual for their wonderful uploads of the new MV! You can also scope out JJ Lin's official Facebook page here, which he also does in the MV.

JJ Lin’s “Jia You” MV:

Source: TaiwanMV, urasiansourceCpop

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