JJ Lin starts over after a year of betrayal and Hemoptysis

JJ Lin returns to the spotlight with his new album “100 days” after keeping a low profile for the past year. A conference was held yesterday to preview the songs on his upcoming album. JJ Lin sang part of a song on a whim, and his voice showed no signs of damage. The general manager of Ocean Butterflies International, Yang Zhi-Guang, presented JJ with a tie full of OBi’s logos and rhinestones as a gift. They are hoping to “tie” down JJ as he is one of their top moneymakers.

Looking back at the past year, JJ Lin sighed over the emotional and physical struggles that he went through. First off was the departure of his long-time production team, “I felt betrayed. I didn't know until everything was already settled. I was shocked and hurt.” After that, he suffered from a chronic sore throat, which was the result of constant performances and acid reflux. “It started with Hemoptysis at first. I even took a picture because I thought it was funny. Later on, I can no longer hit the high notes. It was then I realized, what God has given me can also be taken away.”

“I never thought there would be any problems with my singing, thinking that it was the most natural thing.” He was depressed when he lost his singing ability over night. Fortunately his mom took care of him and helped him to a speedy recovery. However, JJ still refuses to show his forehead. He continues to keep his signature fringe and sideburns, “or else I don't feel secured.”

JJ Lin spurred interests when he recently accompanied Vivian Hsu to see the Michael Jackson movie “This Is It”. He explained that he is a fan of Michael Jackson and purchased 15 tickets to see the movie with his friends. He became acquainted with Vivian Hsu after their collaboration on the song “Eyes that love to cry” (愛哭的眼睛) in 2006, and that was the reason why they went together.

News source: UDN news
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