JJ Lin heads back to ballad territory with "Back to Back Hug"!

After releasing album debut power ballad “100 Days” and phenomenal collaboration song “Jia You”, Singaporean Mandopop artist JJ Lin releases his third MV off his recent “100 Days” album titled “背對背擁抱” (Chinese name: Back to Back Hug). The new track, which JJ highly recommended to fellow December album-release artist Cyndi Wang, switches music genres from the R&B flavor featured in “Jia You”, yet provides a softer melody that steps away from the orchestrated ballad featured in “100 Days”.

In his new MV, JJ Lin steps back into the role as the main character of the video’s brief love story. The plot of the MV flips back and forth between the happy, romantic times of the past and the frustrations of love’s aftermath. The currently single artist still manages to get in a kiss with the unknown actress in the video, which begs the question as to why this male pop sensation is still girlfriend-less in real life.

Whatever the case, JJ Lin highlights another wonderful song from his recent album. Given the flavor that his latest song provides, perhaps he will switch back to a more hip-hop or R&B tune. Here’s hoping that JJ releases “X” as his next MV to balance his ballad releases.

Check out JJ Lin's latest "Back to Back Hug" MV, courtesy of the awesome YouTube channel TaiwanMV!

JJ Lin’s “Back to Back Hug” MV:

Source: NOWnews, TaiwanMV

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