JJ Lin and MC HotDog Produce a Thing of Beauty with “Jia You”!

In preparation for the December 18 release of his upcoming album titled "100 Days", Mandopop star JJ Lin has already released an MV for his sweeping ballad "100 Days" to give listeners a taste of what’s to come. The Singaporean singer hasn’t stopped there yet with the release of the second track to his eighth album with "加油 Jia You" (trans: “good luck” or “you can do it”).

This time, JJ collaborates on this tune with legendary Mando hip-hop artist MC HotDog, whose sharp and cutting vocals provide a distinct contrast to the soothing sounds of JJ’s voice. While MC HotDog may be famous for his hip-hop tunes such as his classic "我愛台妹" (trans: I Love Taiwanese Girls) and his powerful hit "差不多先生" (trans: Mr. Almost), the pivotal hip-hop artist is no stranger to collaborations, with his vocals providing cameo flare for Christine Fan’s "1到10=我和你" (trans: 1 ‘Til 10 = Me and You) and Della’s "我不怕" (trans: I’m Not Scared).

The collaboration between JJ and MC HotDog may prove to be the most interesting for the both of them, as the song is a fusion of the Singaporean singer’s divine vocals and the Taiwanese hip-hopper’s bass beats. The end result is that it manages to work to an extent, even though the transition from heavenly to underground takes a bit of getting used to. It works though eventually, and once it does, it’s hard not to put this song on repeat in your mp3 player.

Had this song been purely a solo effort or paired up with female vocals, it would have been a stellar, yet harmless, hit. Fortunately, JJ decided to try a different direction, and we end up with a successful blend that hopefully will be remembered for evolving what has already been a legendary career for one of Mandopop’s greats.

Whether you’re a JJ fan, an MC HotDog follower, or a newbie to these veteran artists, this song is sure to please. Check it out for yourself below, courtesy of Mandopop faithful kay20xx!

JJ Lin’s “Jia You” Track:

Source: kay20xx

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