Jing Wong learns dancing from Show Luo

A few days ago, Jing Wong went on 100% Entertainment, and of course, Jing had to learn some dancing from the Dancing King Ge (Show’s persona), which is a popular segment of the show.  As always, King Ge would ask his guest to show their dance in freestyle to start things off.  But after seeing Jing’s dance, King Ge was truly shocked from Jing’s beginner level dancing skills.  Nonetheless, King Ge still tried his best to choreograph by far, the easiest dance he could think of for Jing to learn.  Xiao Gui assured, “King Ge, I’m sure you can turn something horrible into spectacular.” 

King Ge slowly repeated every dance move for Jing.  King Ge probably caught Xiao Gui dazing off, thus, he scolded, “How many times have I been here already?  Do you feel that you’ve been dancing well?  The dance moves are already very easy this time.  Let’s see you perform it once.”  Xiao Gui obediently performed the dance moves while King Ge picked out the mistakes.

After much effort, Jing, King Ge, and Xiao Gui completed the dance together…phew!

Watch Dancing King Ge teach Jing Wong dance to “Wo De Ma” (My Mom / Oh My God!)

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