Jay refuses to be in newcomer Jeremy Liu's MV

Following his parents’ footsteps, Jeremy Liu enters showbiz.  His father, Liu Jia Chang, is a famous musician of the 70’s, while his mother, Zhen Zhen, is a famous movie actress of the 70’s.  Under the pressure of his parents’ fame, Jeremy joins Warner Music, and plans to release his first album on January 1st of next year. 

Jeremy Liu, who has a timid personality, originally planned to be a musician from behind the scenes, but now debuts as a singer.  Manager, Chen Ze Shan, has very high hopes on Jeremy and even tells the media that he will bring Jeremy to hold a concert at Taipei Arena within two years.

Already stirring up quite some news, Jeremy sings the theme song to Jay Chou’s upcoming action movie, 刺陵” (The Treasure Hunter / Ci Ling).  Many are curious as to why the theme is not being sung by Jay Chou himself, the star of the movie.  Director Chu Yin Ping explains that there were never plans of asking Jay Chou to sing the theme song.  He also expresses that originally, the theme song was decided to have Lin Chi Ling to sing it, but after hearing Jeremy’s demo of “玫瑰” (Rose) by coincidence, he felt that “Rose” suited the movie very well, “This song (Rose), which is written and sung by Jeremy, will be used at the most romantic scene of the movie, which will be the most important love scene of Jay Chou and Lin Chi Ling!”  Director Chu Yin Ping also adds, “I can’t say that Chi Ling’s voice is great, but it’s okay.  As long as the audience likes it, then it’s fine.  It’s more important to be unique.”

Jeremy and Lin Chi Ling each sing a theme song for the movie and Jeremy expresses, “Chi Ling Jie Jie sings very well, and her lyrics are excellent!”

However, in Jeremy’s MV of “Rose,” there are no scenes of Jay Chou in it.  It has been reported that it is because Jay refused.  JVR music states, “It has nothing to do with a new artist (Jeremy), Jay’s image can only appear in Sony or JVR music and/or visual content.”  Jay has once openly criticized Chen Ze Shan of buying charts.  Rumors say that Jay was extremely angry after learning that Warner Music’s newcomer, Jeremy Liu, would be singing the theme to his upcoming movie.  In addition, it was also said that Jay requested to have all his scenes be edited out from the MV.

Check out the MV here:

Credits: NOW news, Liberty Times, Appledaily TW, TaiwanMV
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