Jay Chou and Jerry Yan's dramas stuck in vigorous Mainland approval process

Jay Chou's Pandamen will premier on January 22 in Taiwan.

Two large production idol dramas, Pandamen (熊貓人) and Down With Love (就想賴著妳), are about to fight against each other in January. The former depends on Jay Chou's director seat while the latter has Jerry Yan and Ella's golden combination. However, till now, the two shows still have not received broadcasting permission from the PRC film censorship bureau. Pandamen had originally planned to hold a grand premiere in Beijing at the beginning of January -- it has already been pushed back; Down With Love has also expressed that the fastest they will be able to receive the approval would be mid-January. The two shows are also both worried that something unexpected might happen once the shows are on air.

Down With Love with Jerry Yan and Ella's golden combination waiting for overseas profit.

Pandamen and Down With Love both got clearance through the powerful Mainland units JiuZhou and HuanCe. However, it came out the other day that the unexpected delay in the examination and approval process was perhaps caused by image of the heroic and brave superhero panda committing crimes contrasting the seemingly useless policeman, played by Jay Chou -- it might have brought about an association with the image of the "incompetence of public security."

Down With Love's examination process was also filled with twists and turns. The show not only had to cut out the scenes where Jerry Yan mistakes Ella for a homosexual female, but there was also the unexpected delay of the broadcast when sent overseas. Because Mainland said that the earliest an approval could be made would be in mid-January, the originally planned air date, 17th, has now been pushed back to the 24th.

Source: UDN

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