Jam Hsiao and Crown Lu celebrate successful concerts

Fans flock to see both 2009 Golden Melody Best New Artist nominees in concerts on the 26th in Taiwan. Jam Hsiao and Crowd Lu celebrated in Hawaiian clothing and signature shorts respectively at their own after parties.

Jam Hsiao and Crowd Lu are man enough to wear summer-clothing despite being in the middle of winter.

Jam Hsiao proved that he has the drawing power of an A-lister by performing to a full house at the Taipei Arena. His show opened with the rock-version of several hit songs including “Prince’s New Clothes” and Wubai’s “Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird”. He changed to a different outfit to perform his ballads and then impressed the crowd with his drum solo performance. The audience was shocked when he sang and danced to a series of “girly-hits” the included Jolin Tsai's72 Changes” and Yao Yao’s Love’s Embrace

Jam Hsiao shows that guys can also wear gowns with 8-feet long trains.

The special guests of Jam Hsiao’s concert were the famous comedians Kuo Tze-Cheng and Honduras from the variety show “Nation's Big Party”. The duo is known for their impersonation of Jam Hsiao and long-time rival Aska Yang. They joked about Yang’s contractual issues and extended hiatus following their famous battle on “Million Star”. Jam Hsiao later reassured that the skit was just for fun and he did not intend to offend Aska Yang.

Crown Lu continued to perform to a sold out crowd at his “OH YEAH” concert on the 26th, after an already successful run on the December 25th at the TICC. He gave himself a mark of 92, and commented that he has eaten too much during dinner. He mentioned that he had to skip a few lines while performing because he had the hiccups. Crowd Lu will be back to perform on a number of New Year countdown concerts starting at 7 pm on the 31st.

See Jam Hsiao sings “72 Changes”, “Love’s Embrace”, and “Nobody” at his “Mr. Rock” concert here:

Source: Chinatimes, Liberty Times, UDN, urasiansourceCpop
Written by: PA

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