Jacky Xue unleases his new dance MV for “My Athena” single!

About a month and a half ago, Mainland Chinese singer Jacky Xue (Chinese name: Xue Zhiquan) revealed one of his new songs titled “My Athena” (article). While only one of a couple new songs that would be on his upcoming compilation album, this really catchy dance tune would have been more than enough to stand on its own as a debut song for a new album. But despite the amazing production values of this song, promotions for the tune were largely limited to more or less a live dance performance on mainland Chinese television.

Fast forward to now, and the release of Jacky’s new “My Athena” MV has finally been released to the masses. What we’re left with is a video fitting of the awesomeness of the song itself. The director did not take any shortcuts in making this MV, as we are treated to enough quick cuts, camera shakes, and blur transitions to appease even the most ADD fans.

Had this song been included in an upcoming album, fans would have been waiting with much anticipation on what the rest of such an album would have in store. As it stands, we are only teased with what’s been given as a reminder that Jacky hasn’t lost his touch. On the bright side, while we wait for what Jacky has lined up next, we can try to figure out who's behind that enticing female voice is that accompanies Jacky’s signing in the track.

Mad props to both Cfensi and Aiya They Didn’t for their earlier coverage of Jacky’s new MV. Can’t say enough on how great those two sites are for Mandopop coverage. Definitely head over to Cfensi for more coverage of Jacky Xue and other great mainland Chinese singers, and scope out the awesome peeps over at Aiya They Didn’t for their most excellent community and aggregation of Mandopop news from around the web. Also thanks to the awesome urasiansourceCpop for uploading Jacky’s new MV for all to see.

Jacky Xue’s “My Athena” MV:

Source: Cfensi, Aiya They Didn’t, urasiansourceCpop

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