Hebe flying solo with album release, S.E. provides support

S.H.E, enthusiastically promoting public service, invites the public to plant a seed as a fundraiser for a learning paradise for children in remote areas. 

It is rumored that Hebe will be releasing a solo album. When she was at a charity event on the 14th she said, "Next year we will promote S.H.E's new album first. Hopefully, my solo album will be pushed out by the end of next year." It is known that she especially loves to sing and is also the best singer out of the three, thus she has a plan for a solo album.

Hearing that she (Hebe) will go solo, Ella said that she wanted to be the host of her press conference and Selena wanted to help her compose -- displaying the same affection as before. Yesterday, they served as angels of love and invited the public to give money to build a library. This event is now in its seventh year and has raised as much as NT$28 million. Organizers hope that S.H.E. can use their forces to benefit even more children.

Source: Chinatimes

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