A "head" start at Da Mouth's new look

For their new album, each of the 4 members of Da Mouth has dyed their hair pink, sapphire blue, purple, and bright red.For this process, they spent about 60 hours in the salon, and their company forbade them to wash their hair for fear the color would wash out.

The male lead vocal Harry spent 8 days dying his hair. To ease the pain, he kept telling himself that blue hair was handsome, but the process still felt painful. His toil was rewarded however as the half-korean Harrry was praised as looking similar to Lee Jun Ki.

Rapper MC40’s had three streaks buzzed off his fiery red hair, giving him a futuristic effect. DJ Chung Hua’s previously long hair was cut significantly shorter and dyed purple at the tips. And for the first time female vocal Aisa sported a short pink bob. Although it is a wig, it is made out of real hair and is valued at $2000 NT. Aisa, who loves pink, exclaimed, “Kawaii! I love it!”

Source: Liberty Times

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