Hangeng throws a bomb, requests for contract termination with SM

The shocking news of a member leaving the popular Korean group Super Junior arrives just before their Asian performance tour. According to Mainland reports, SJ's Chinese member, Hangeng, has already submitted an application to the Seoul Central District Court requesting for a termination of his contract with SM Entertainment. Due to SM's recent contract dispute with TVXQ, this matter will undoubtedly once again inflict serious damage.

SJ is affiliated with Avex Taiwan Inc. who has expressed their surprise, "We were only made aware of this from reading online. However, we have been unable to verify the authenticity of this matter. Mainland new reports are often erroneous. We have not received official information from the Korea government at this time." Organizers of SJ's concert in Taiwan in February next year, Super Dome, hasn't received news either. However, fans have already been rendered frenetic worrying about whether Hangeng would be absent from next year's concert.

In the 2001 SM Auditions, Hangeng relied on his handsome appearance and dancing talent to defeat more than 3000 competitors to receive singing, dancing, language, and other training. In 2005, he became a member of Super Junior becoming the first Chinese person to debut in Korea. In 2008, as leader, Hangeng lead SJ's subgroup Super Junior-M to invade the Chinese market.

In the recent year, SJ has exploded in popularity in China and Taiwan. Hangeng's degree of popularity is very high and has a healthy sunshine image that has impacted many. Hangeng and artiste Lulu were rumored to be together, but the two have not officially confirmed it. The Mainland media speculates that if Hangeng has really asked for a contact termination, it might be that he wants to fly solo and is not in line with SM's idea. However, everything is still waiting to be explained by SM when they step forward.

Source: UDN

Zahra's Note: UDN is a well-known reliable Taiwanese news source. Please be careful about the sources that "news" you are reading have been coming from regarding this issue. There are many out there who would love to add oil to the fire. 

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