Gorgeous Rainie Yang pics from “Rainie & Love” promotional event

The lovable Taiwanese pop singer/actress Rainie Yang kicked off her upcoming “Rainie & Love” album promotions with various meet-and-greet events with her fans. For a particular promotional event on December 19 that involved a pre-album release autograph session of sorts, one Taiwanese netizen and wretch user by the name of Shao Yu (Chinese name: Xiao Yong) was there with his trusty camera.

Like many fans, Shao Yu took many pictures of Rainie while she addressed the audience and signed posters. But unlike those fans who primarily used their cell phones or typical digital cameras to take amateur shots, Shao Yu took gorgeous photos of the event with professional ease.

To sum it up, these photos are gorgeous. Definitely scope out the small sampling of photos that Shao Yu took of Rainie at her December 19th promotional event below. Furthermore, be sure to check out Shao Yu's personal wretch blog and Flickr photo set for even more beautiful photos. Here's hoping for more of his wonderful photos of Taiwanese idols in the future!

Source: Shao Yu

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