Genie Cho’s Magazine Interview + Her Sexy Magazine Photos

Continuing from the strawberry generation (a label given by Taiwanese adults to their youth for being weak and fragile), there is a new noun that has come up called the “pudding generation”. It means that their resistance to punishment is less than the strawberry generation, and is fragile enough to not even withstand a hit or blow. Therefore, when Genie Cho was asked which kind of person that she can’t stand the most between a pudding guy and a playboy, her answer was that she has no way of warding off fragile pudding guys. While Genie boasts that there are tricks to deal with playboys, she has no way at all to deal with fragile pudding guys. She continued and said, “If he said ‘I am so sad’ and cries to me today, I would beat him up…he’s so useless. If he cries to me unexpectedly, I won’t cry back at all!”

Although she can’t stand guys who are fragile and shed tears, Genie said that she’s a person that cries easily now. It’s because after she started filming in dramas, when the mood or atmosphere of a drama takes a twist, it gets her more worked up and emotional. Although richly imaginative Genie doesn’t have someone to express with her love songs, she’s started to substitute them with the main characters that she picks up from manga or dramas. It gets her to sing sweet love songs, and become even more emotional.

Check below for a sample of Genie's recent magazine photos!


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