Genie Cho Dresses in Cute Pink Tutu Prior to Performing Individual Concert

After her debut eight years ago, Taiwanese pop star Genie Cho finally held her first individual concert at the famed Riverside Live House in Taipei’s Ximending entertainment district. Prior to going on stage, the musical sweetheart Genie became the embodiment of an “outer space sweet rock ‘n roll woman warrior”. Genie’s outfit consisted of silver-white vest with a partly translucent V-line cloth, as well as a cute pink tutu that would flash her audience if she isn’t careful while moving.

The eye-catching clothing style drew the attention of the media, but staff members at the venue commented that Genie’s first concert would be even more epic. In addition to the clothes for the concert, Genie probably has to manage many other things. Genie mentioned that she probably has to see a make-up artist and wardrobe to go on stage, as these are some of the things she has to do to having an enjoyable concert performance.

When interviewed, Genie’s mother suddenly appeared, both surprising and making the singer happy. It turned out that Genie’s mother was worried that her daughter was only concerned with work, and that she wasn’t taking care of her body, so her mother brother he boiled sesame oil chicken broth. Genie then commented that she believes that when she’s incredibly busy, that she can rely on her mother’s cooking to make her feel a lot better.


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