Genie Cho “At Your Side” with Sugary New MV!

Taiwanese saccharine pop star Genie Cho is at it again with a new MV for her uber-adorable melody "在你身邊 Zai Ni Shen Bian" (trans: At Your Side). This cute-infested song returns Genie to her classic bubble gum-like attitude by splashing us with pastel colors, cheerful poses to the camera, and footage of her “Play n Fun 1+1” album promotions from a month or two ago thrown in for good measure.

Outside the footage of her from her album promotions, Genie dons no less than four different outfits to display variations of her cuteness. The lyrics to the song can pretty much be guessed from the title of this song, as Genie sings about the joys of being with her love. This song is infectious with happiness, and it’s bound to cheer up even listeners in the grumpiest mood. Check it out to see if Genie’s new MV and song release brightens your mood below, courtesy of urasiansourceCpop, your friendly neighborhood C-pop MV spot!

Genie Cho’s “At Your Side” MV:

Source: urasiansourceCpop

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