Full Version of Rainie’s New “Raining Love” Song + More Album Promo Pics

Taiwanese idol Rainie Yang just recently released the full version of her song “Raining Love”, which is also the opening theme for her currently airing idol drama “Hi My Sweetheart”. The new song, which would seem more at home as a song in Van Ness Wu’s serious drama “Autumn’s Concerto” than in the more zany idol drama that Rainie is doing, harkens back to the sound that made her famous during her album songs from her “Devil Beside You” days.

Despite the familiar sound, Rainie is adapting a different visual concept for her new album, as was mentioned yesterday. In order to showcase her new look, Rainie released a few more promotional pics off her album for your enjoyment.

While you’re at it, you can check out her album promo pics and also take a listen of the full-length version of her new song below, courtesty of urasiansourceCpop2.

Rainie Yang's "Raining Love" Track:

Source: The Liberty Times, urasiansourceCpop2

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