F.I.R. performs classic tunes and new material on 100% Entertainment

Slightly old news, but still definitely worth posting. Earlier this month, Taiwanese rock trio F.I.R. appeared on hugely popular Taiwanese variety television show 100% Entertainment, with co-host mainstay Show Luo and guest co-host Jing Wong. The entire mood of the show was largely flawed with the lack of meshing between Show’s trademark zaniness, Jing Wong’s expected awkwardness, and F.I.R. band member’s seriousness.

Despite this, the veteran rock outfit was able to compensate for the show’s less than stellar flow by putting on great live musical performances of their songs. The band’s five song selections, despite lacking in number, were quite varied in both age and style, as the band mixed in classic tunes with new material.

Their first selection was “We Are”, the first track release off their latest album “Let’s Smile”. The performance was later followed with “Lydia”, the theme song of 2004’s Taiwanese drama “The Outsiders” and their breakout song that shot them to fame. Afterward was fan favorite “I Wanna Fly”, a catch and inspirational-sounding rock tune. The last song of their creation was “Crescent Moon Bay”, a slower-paced song off their 2007 album “Love • Diva”. The band wrapped up their live performances on the show with a great cover of British singer Seal’s European hit song “Love’s Divine”.

Check out their performances below and enjoy their songs of old and new below! Here’s hoping that the band continues to churn out more hits in the future.

“We Are” performance:

“Lydia” performance:

“I Wanna Fly” performance:

“Crescent Moon Bay” performance:

“Love’s Divine” (Seal cover) performance:

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