Ferris Person on the Move with 2 More Songs Released!

The multi-faceted all-guy band Ferris Person (Mo Tian Ren 摩天人), whom play their own instruments and sing a diverse lot of music styles, have two more songs released following their previous self-titled MV. The band, whose name isn’t that strange in Chinese but has been weirdly translated in English as Ferris Person on their promotional materials, has expressed their various musical styles on a Taiwanese variety television show that even includes jazz, bring two softer melodies into the mix.

The new songs,”如果我們心不那麼難猜 Ru Guo Wo Men Bu Na me Nan Cai” (trans: If Our Hearts Aren’t That Difficult to Guess) and “海一樣的傷口 Hai Yi Yang De Shang Kou” (trans: Wounds Like the Sea), both feature a piano backdrop, with the former song incorporating an orchestrated feel and the latter featuring a more ballad rock feel. The band was not kidding in advertising the diversity of their songs after the release of their infectious song “摩天人 Mo Tian Ren” (trans: Ferris Person”) with a punk rock sound.

It’s really hard to classify this band, as they do not fit the normal conventions of a boy band (ala Fahrenheit, 5566) given their instrument-playing abilities and their more rugged punk looks. Neither do they fit exactly like a traditional rock band (ala Mayday, F.I.R.) given their softer ballads that place very little emphasis on the electric guitar sound. It’s safe to assume that despite the difficult of classifying this band’s genre, they are good. Here’s hoping that this alone is enough to be reflected in their album sales, because this band is much more worthy than cult status.

Be sure to check out an audio track of the two songs below, the latter courtesy of the great urasiansourceCpop! And if you missed out on their self-titled song, definitely scoop out our article from it here!

Ferris Person’s “如果我們心不那麼難猜” Track:
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Ferris Person’s “海一樣的傷口” MV:

Source: 163.com, urasiansourceCpop

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