Faye’s mellow vocals lead the way in F.I.R.’s “The Flower within the Thorns” MV

After the MV release of album debut track “We Are” off their recent December release “Let’s Smile”, well-known Taiwanese rock band F.I.R. put out their second MV for their track “The Flower within the Thorns”. The new track showcases the sweet and mellow voice work of lead singer Faye in another wonderful ballad, with the song having a very high likelihood of joining the ranks of fan-favorite ballad hits such as “Lydia” and “Our Love 我們的愛”.

The MV itself remains true to the typical F.I.R. trend of being abstractly beautiful without any sort of plot, but then followers of the long-time rock band have come to expect F.I.R. as artists that produce expertly-crafted ballads and delectably-catchy rock anthems, not as entertainers that display their acting chops.

If you’re a long-time F.I.R. fan and want a summary of this song and its MV, then you’ll have to settle with the succinct description of “the usual”. Luckily, F.I.R.’s definition of “the usual” is consistent high-quality that most music artists can only dream about achieving. A great, mellow song worthy of listening.

Check out F.I.R.’s latest rock ballad, courtesy of awesome YouTube channel TaiwanMV!

F.I.R.’s “The Flower within the Thorns” MV:

Source: TaiwanMV

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