Fahrenheit Sees Disbanding Rumors as a Test, Feelings Among Group Their Biggest Gain

The 2009 MTV Style Gala awards were held on December 2 at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. The annual awards event celebrates the best in fashion styles from singers, actors, and talented artists from all over Asia. Fahrenheit made an appearance backstage for an interview, and the following is a transcript of that interview.

Host: Coming down to the interview room is the group Fahrenheit. Welcome, Fahrenheit. Let’s first take a photo. Long time no see, Fahrenheit. You four are getting more and more handsome. I wanted to congratulate you guys on behalf of your fans for winning the Most Styling Taiwanese Singing Group award. You guys had a great reception, and after being on the red carpet, your fans went totally nuts.

Calvin: We are really glad that we can make it to this event. Whenever someone gives and receives the awards, we’re all like fans.

Arron: We’re really pleased to be at this event in Shanghai. We’re deeply grateful to our fans and the media for supporting us.

Jiro: We’re deeply grateful for everyone’s support, encouragement, and cheering us on. In the future, we will definitely exert ourselves more and work even harder.

Wu Chun: Getting this encouragement, we will diligently work hard.

Host: After expressing your feelings of gratitude, let’s quickly answer some questions. We know that Fahrenheit is continually busy performing on the road and in dramas. Can you tell us what is the most important arrangement that you guys have lined up? Is it acting, singing? Or is it some side project that you’re starting to develop?

What we’ve been busy with recently is our concert. Our DVD is also about to be released. We’re going to many cities to promote it, and we hope that with our closer proximity with everyone, that this CD will truly be great. We hope everyone will support us.

Host: If everyone likes it, they’ll go buy it. The next question comes from our netizens.

Question: When is Fahrenheit coming back to Shanghai to perform?

Calvin: We will go to Hangzhou to perform on December 12. If you want to see our concert, then our friends will welcome you, because there will be many different performances.

Host: Hangzhou is very close. You can ride over there.

Question: What was your greatest gain this year?

Arron: The close mindset and feelings with the four of us. There were rumors of us disbanding earlier, but these things are actually testing us. We will grab onto that and work hard.

Question: Your last album had a rock style. What style will your upcoming album have?

Calvin: What you’re talking about is our DVD concert album. Our fans from mainland China can go online to listen to our new song. We hope everyone will be interested in newest performance.

Host: Thanks, netizens. Congratulations again, Fahrenheit.

Source: Sina

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