Evonne Hsu performs for Will Pan despite injured back

Will Pan will be performing at the Taipei Arena for his first paid-concert in Taiwan with close friend Evonne Hsu as his special guest tonight. She will be playing the part of a phoenix flying in mid-air, and the two will dance together on stage. The concert organizers have insured her performance for NT 20 million in case of any accidents. Will Pan and Evonne Hsu completed rehearsals on Friday. As he watched her turning upside and twisting her waist in mid-air, he was in-shock and said, “I’m really worried that she would fall, and I’d have to take care of her for the rest of her life.”

On the other hand, Evonne Hsu took the challenge with ease despite her previous back injury. She explained that she has always wanted to combine the acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil into her dance performances. Nonetheless, her ex-boyfriend and manager Xiao Dao was concerned about her health and discouraged her from performing. She said, “Although my back injury hasn’t completely healed, I can still complete any move. As long as I don’t practice two days straight then it doesn’t hurt.” However, after the first practice, she was dizzy from spinning in mid-air and vomited once she got home.

Source: Chinatimes
Translations: PA

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