Ethan Ruan on rumors about girlfriend Tiffany Hsu and Van Ness Wu

Ethan Ruan (Xiao Tian) was invited to Singapore for the spring collection preview of American brand MARC JACOBS.  He responded to rumors that recently surfaced about his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu and her 'Autumn's Concerto' co-star Van Ness Wu.  He described his relationship (with Hsu) as "about the same", and "It's best to leave love to fate, there's no need to worry too much.  If it's mine then it's mine."

He said frankly that he was unfamiliar with "rival" Van Ness Wu.  They have met twice before, and his impression of Wu is that he is very polite.  When Xiao Tian's popularity peaked during his last idol drama, Tiffany Hsu was always asked to comment about his love life.  Xiao Tian is now the one clarifying rumors for her.  He complimented Tiffany Hsu's performance in 'Autumn's Concerto' and said "The tide has turned."

Xiao Tian accompanied Tiffany Hsu to the hot springs and enjoyed a light meal before he left for the trip.  With their relationship going well, Xian Tian insists that he is more suitable to date people within showbiz.  When asked about the possibility of working together?  Xiao Tian said it is best not to.  He is worried that they will end up like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, in which couples break up soon after they work together, "Haha, I have a bad premonition."

The day of the MARC JACOBS show also happened to be his 'Defeated Queen" co-star Cheryl Yang's birthday.  Xiao Tian came empty-handed and offered himself as a gift instead.  Cheryl Yang revealed that she has received many gifts since the start of the month.  Her close friend Elva Hsiao has given her a handbag, but her favorite gift is a card full of well wishes.  Cheryl Yang liked the new spring collection very much as she has always been a fan of color.  Ethan Ruan praised this season's collection for being sexy, and very suitable for Cheryl Yang.

Source: Chinatimes
Translations: PA

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