Epic user-created club remix of DBSK’s Chinese version of Mirotic!

Following his great mash-up of Usher and Jay Chou’s hit songs, indie remixer Yigytugd unleashed another remix less than a week ago of the Chinese version of DBSK’s “Mirotic”. This new remix, called the Yigytugd Masa Pulse Club Remix, marks the second work for Yigytugd’s upcoming Mandopop mash-up album, and this particular remix incorporates the beats from a joint project of Kpop remixers Masa and Kuraudo, two remixers famous with Kpop netizens.

If you’ve already heard the Masa/Kuraudo collaboration remix of DBSK’s original “Mirotic” version, then you’ve pretty much already heard this Mandopop version, as it seems like it substitutes the Korean lyrics with the Chinese ones. But if you haven’t and really liked the original album version of this DBSK hit, give the song a whirl and see if it rekindles the magic from hearing that song for the first time.

Check out the DBSK remix below and get your groove on below, courtesy from upcoming remix Yigytugd! And mad props to urasiansourceCpop for spreading news of this song on their channel!

DBSK - Mirotic (Chinese Version)(Yigytugd Masa Pulse Club Remix):

Source: Yigytugd, urasiansourceCpop

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