Elisa Lin Takes Kitties’ Plight Personal in New “(I’m) Not Your Kitty" MV

The latest MV from Taiwanese-American musician Elisa Lin is completely American rock ‘n roll style, full of independence, and embodies an open spirit!
The title of the song “(I’m) Not Your Kitty” relates to Elisa Lin’s huge interest in kitties. Whenever the singer sees abused stray kitties on the road, she will stand by their side and watch over them, even taking them home for adoption. In this song, Elisa uses the viewpoint of those kitties to project herself as not wishing to be restrained, as well as wanting to rid herself of shackled views.

Elisa particularly makes teaching materials on nursing young animals for the Society for the Protection of Animals, a group she is sympathetic to. She hopes that she can have others shift their mental and physical efforts towards little animals that have been bullied. It’s like in the song lyrics when she’s bullied, don’t blame her if she ruthlessly bites back!

Since what this song wants to express is that strong desire for freedom, Elisa was strained in producing the whole song and perfecting the solo interlude.
It wasn’t until after she recorded dozens of time before they agreed with being satisfied of the take. Elisa’s debut album “I’m Not” just came out on December 10. In the mean time, you can appreciate the video yourself, courtesy of mengsion!

Elisa Lin’s “(I’m) Not Your Kitty” MV:

Source: mengsion

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