Donnie Yen shows off his moves…on the Piano!!

WORLD STAR Donnie Yen’s super fantastic kung fu skills are good enough to sell any movie, but for his new role, he will get to show off his musical side as well. In ‘The Legend of Chen Zhen’, Donnie Yen portrays the popular fictional martial artist for the second time in his career. Although the story has been told by film and television many times before, producer Gordon Chan promises to give audience something completely different from the past. The story will focus on Chen Zhen’s return to Shanghai in his thirties.

Donnie Yen shows that one can wear a blue velvet suit without looking like Austin Powers...

Chen Zhen was a character created by famous writer Ni Kaung (倪匡) for the Bruce Lee movie ‘Fist of Fury’ (精武門). The character was supposedly the 5th apprentice of real-life Kung Fu master Huo Yuanjia (霍元甲). Donnie Yen played this character 14 years ago in an ATV drama series. Jet Li also played Chen Zhen in the 1994 movie ‘Fist of Legend’, and then went on to play Huo Yuanjia in 2006’s ‘Fearless’.

Donnie Yen took a break from throwing punches to play the piano.

On the open set of ‘The Legend of Chen Zhen’’, Donnie Yen showed off his piano-playing skill with a piece by Chopin, and explained that he hopes to change the audience's preconception about action stars. His version of Chen Zhen will present a character that embodies both martial arts and artistic talents. Donnie Yen also mentioned that his parents are talented musicians, so there should be no surprise about his piano-playing ability.

Award-winning actor Tony Leung will be playing the same character that Donnie Yen did in last year's hit movie 'Ip Man'.

Donnie Yen and leading lady Shu Qi were filming on a set recreated to look like a 1920s night club. He sported a “Clark Gable-look” complete with moustache and blue velvet suit. Donnie Yen was asked if he has any advice for actor Tony Leung, who is also portraying martial artist Ip Man (葉問) in a new Wong Kar-Wai movie after the success of Yen’s version last year, he answered, “Don’t fight then (you) won’t get hurt. I get hurt all the time.” He mentioned that if time allows, he hopes to teach Tony Leung a few moves. Unfortunately, they are shooting at different locations so he hasn't been able to find the time yet.

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