Decent Indie Techno Remix of Elva and Jolin's Hit Songs

With Elva Hsiao’s single “WOW” still holding on Channel [V] Taiwan’s Top 20, and with Jolin Tsai preparing for a new album early next year after releasing one earlier this year, it looks like two of Taiwan’s legendary pop divas are still staying active in the Mandopop scene with their chart-topping hits.
It would come to little surprise then that there’s been a remix that’s been making its rounds on the internet some time ago that takes its cues from two hit songs from Elva and Jolin’s musical collection.

The remix, which has been labeled as the DJ Tommy TB Mix, takes Elva’s “Shining Love” song off her 2009 album “Diamond Love” and Jolin’s “Agent J” off her 2007 album “Agent J/Love Mission”, and then puts a faster, up-tempo house feel to those popular songs.

The song is definitely a treat to those of you who dig techno stuff, and this remix might be up your alley, especially if you’re an Elva or Jolin fan. Hopefully, we’ll see more netizens putting their own spin of chart-topping Mandopop hits, like the awesome Jay Chou mashup that's been gaining popularity. Check it out and see if the remix does justice to the original songs, courtesy of DONDON0921!

>>> Elva Hsiao’s “Shining Love” & Jolin Tsai’s “Agent J” (DJ Tommy TB Mix) <<<

And in case you missed out on those original songs, we got you covered as well. You can watch Elva’s Barbie and Ken-inspired “Shining Love” MV and Jolin’s international spy-themed “Agent J” MV below, courtesy of the awesome Mandopop MV sources urasiansourceCpop and mengsion below!

Elva Hsiao’s “Shining Love” MV:

Jolin Tsai’s “Agent J” MV:

Source: urasiansourceCpop, mengsion

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