Cyndi Wang Adds Cuteness to Orange Range’s Alt Rock Song

Recently, Cyndi Wang released an MV to her “Heart to Heart” song off her new album with the same name. While the song itself returns Cyndi back to her classic cute overload form, the MV itself brought an odd scene as Cyndi dances her way with five really big guys throughout the video.

What’s interesting about Cyndi’s new song is that it’s a cover of an existing Japanese song by Orange Range. Cyndi isn’t new to covering songs, having released classics that have been covers of tunes by Korean artists, but her previous covers have tended to emulate the music style of the original songs.

This time, Cyndi tackles a cover of a popular Orange Range song known for the alternative rock style that encompasses the original Okinawan artists. Cyndi doesn’t deviate too far from her original cute style form though, as she made the cover song her own by adding a feminine touch to it.

You be the judge yourself if Cyndi pulls off a cover that’s worth of her own much like the original song did for Japanese alt rock outfit Orange Range, courtesy of the awesome as usual urasiansourceCpop.

Cyndi Wang's "Heart to Heart" MV (cover song):

Orange Range's "You've Got To Help Yourself" MV (original song):

Source: sina, urasiansourceCpop

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