Cyndi and Fat Dancers Rattle Famed Pedestrian Bridge

Taiwanese sweetheart singer Cyndi Wang is currently promoting her new album “Heart to heart”, by showcasing her innocent charm with debut song “Happy Loving”, and by re-interpreting a cover of popular Japanese rock band Orange Range with follow-up song that shares the name of the album title.

“Heart to Heart” Resembles Hsin-tien River

Executives from Cyndi’s label discovered that the Chinese pronunciation of the album “Heart to Heart” (“Hsin Tien Hsin”), closely sounds like the Chinese pronunciation of Hsin-tien River (“Hsin Tien Hsi”). So when Cyndi went to Shih Hsin University (a university located in Hsin-tien/Xindian, a suburb south ofTaipei) on November 13 to meet with male students, the male students commented, “It’s because our school is beside “Hsin-tien River” that our school was chosen!”

Cyndi went to Taipei’s Hsin-tien River that day for promotional activities of her latest album. Upon arriving on the bridge, Cyndi screamed out “Cold!” and later commented, “I’m happy to come to Hsin-tien’s Bitan (a recreational area in Hsin-tien that literally translates as Green Lake), but I’m a little scared of heights. Also, the water’s really green and windy below the bridge. When we dance, my team of two big guys and I add up to almost 300 kg (660 lbs), and the bridge rattles incredibly violently, but fortunately it’s a very strong bridge!”

Walking Upright While Emanating Charm

When asked if she could act sexy in front of her admiring male fans, Cyndi laughed and said, “If I’m on a variety show then I would open up, but would be shy in front of her admiring male fans.” Well-known catwalk model Amanda Wang also revealed to Cyndi, “Walk upright, relax your body and mood, and show your naturally personal and unique charm!”

For those of you who missed out on Cyndi's recent musical activities, you can check out her three MVs off her latest album below, courtesy of urasiansourceCpop.

Cyndi Wang's "Heart to Heart" MV:

Cyndi Wang's "Happy Loving" MV:

Cyndi Wang's "Beautiful Days" MV:

Source: Epoch Times, urasiansourceCpop

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